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    Condensate alert switches - preference?

    I am looking at a couple of condensate alert switches for the emergency pan, and am wondering which would give me the earlier notification of water in the pan?

    Condalert claims to activate with 1/16" of water, while the Diversitech Wet Switch claims to activate with only a few drops of water.

    I'd like to get as early a notification as possible. Do you guys have a preference of one device over the other, or would recommend other switches (I don't like the mechanical float switches because they need a deep pool of water before activating)?



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    I use the Wet Switch.....have had a few trip on moisture, they are correct a few drops of water is all it takes...One of them tripped out because of a roof leak.. and one I put under a platform because of a very expensive wood floor(taken out of a historical building and re-installed in this house), the main sewer backed up, when the washing machine dumped, it flooding under the platform, not much water but enough to damage..So when the house got hot, the HO called I was there in about an hour and discovered the scenario..The HO was very thankful..So they are more then detectors for the AC, they are also roof leak and sewer blockage detectors....

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    Thanks for the feedback! The Wet Switch is the one I was already leaning to, so this is very helpful.

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    I went to the bully gaurd switches. Don't know how much water it takes to open the switch though.
    Cock your foam switch down at an angle,that should catch it quicker.

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