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    Mach-Stat controllers (Reliable)

    I need to correspond with someone who is familiar with the Mach-Stat from Reliable Controls. These contollers are being used on all new portable classroom units for the Calgary Board of Education (214 schools). The trouble I'm seeing is that there is no easy way for a teacher to simply increase or decrease the set-point without having to 'reprogram' the occupied set-point. Is there an easy way to just increase or decrease the set-point temporarily and then revert back to the standard programmed set-point on the next cycle. Much like a standard home programmable stat does.


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    yes, in control basics you would take which ever variable the set point is and write in if (varible number that corresponds to setpoint we will say 2 ) var2 is > or < (the normal setpoint say 75) for 01:00:00 ( 1 hour ) then var2 = 75. This is just an example. But the programmer would know how to add this.

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