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    you need to have a face to face with the apartment manager than if that doesn't get your unit fixed call her regional manager and have a face to face etc etc etc... chances
    are the management isn't even aware of your problem!!!!!!!!! anyone can get an epa card,, you say "they" and they still haven't fixed it -- it only takes one to fix the problem you are having

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    Thanks guys, they figured it out FINALLY!

    You guys were exactly right, the inside fan motor was connected to a relay and a capacitor, and with them replaced, all is well.

    The maintenance guy brought his supervisor with him today while I was at work and the sucker wasn't working when they arrived, so they both got to see exactly what I was telling them.

    I guess the supervisor knew what it was, because they had it done quickly.

    Thanks again, this was kinda frustrating as I live in Texas, and have a Norwegian long hair cat (she don't do hot weather!), so a/c is a requirement here, and we are just getting some cool weather for this year!

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