One of my Vulcan C24GA gas fired steamers developed a really strange noise in the past two months. It took me a long time just to figure out the noise was actually coming frome the steamer (I thought I initally had a water problem somewhere in the hot food prep line; is sounded just like a loose faucet washer). On every ignition cycle, for about ten seconds, the unit sounds just like a foghorn....or a bull moose, I guess. the noise pretty much goes away after the light off cycle.

The weldment was replaced around six months ago but the noise did not appear at that time. The superheaters were repalced before the weldment, having sprung water leaks. I have been working with Vulcan and have tried just about everything. I had a digital manometer which indicated combustion air and gas pressures were in specification. I actually purchased a liquid filled manometer just to be sure. The entire combustion way seems clear and a new gas valve was just installed. I removed the Reconit and cleaned it just to be sure that was not the problem. I am currently waiting for a gasket set and will be putting it all back together. The unit performs just like a new one, by the way, other than the noise.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

Thanks very much!