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    Quote Originally Posted by RoBoTeq View Post
    Poor little Mickey entered through the refrigerant line opening, climbed up to the sweating suction line for a tasty drink of icy cold purified condensate and the system turned on, scooping him up into the fan between the blades and the grill.

    Just make sure the fan blades have not been bent and let the little critter rot away naturally.

    That will make it a stinking Lennox
    Beware of advice given by some guy on the Internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKopp View Post
    Post brand and model number, would like to know what manufacturer designs product to allow this.
    Where you been? Rodents get into the tightest of units. You take that beef to any mfg they'll laugh at you.

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    No big deal, turn the unit back on, visually inspect that the blades are not out of balance, and stay cool. If it bothers you enough call out your company and have them remove the corpse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t527ed View Post
    no way that fan is strong enough to lift a critter body off the floor of the unit.

    if it is hot enough to need it go ahead and run it.

    i have been doing this work for close to 40 years and a lennox dealer for 26 of them. i don't think there is a critter proof unit out there......

    have seen more units damaged by mulch being piled up around them than from mice.
    Actually my 1990 York condenser has rubber gromets covering all access openings into the unit. I never even got bees in the low voltage cavity. It was nicely built then. Condensers Now.... Not well built.

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    Hmm Mouse in Outside Unit

    You can't stop critters from getting in the outside units. Here at Myrtle Beach every unit I go to has a couple lizards, frogs, hoppy toads, salamanders and sometimes ants in the unit. Just turn off the unit- Hose it down- Let it dry-Then turn it back on. Keep all debris from the unit. Sometimes there is 12 " of mulch up against the units. It is like your car radiator. The grill needs to be completly clean at all times. On the next service call the pro can clean out the unit.
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    I have been told by the AC guys,not cover up the hold condenser in winter time, make sure roll up 2-3in above ground so the litter mice won't stay in for the cold winter, and always check it in spring time to make sure the condenser is clean before turn on the power.

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