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    What is in the water in South Carolina

    Sorry, Bootlen, but there are some real winners coming out of S.C.

    First Miss Teen USA 2007 gave that great answer in front of America and now...

    South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler reportedly lashed out at Sarah Palin Wednesday, saying the Republican vice presidential candidate’s “primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”

    I have had enough of these politicians trying to talk their way into the spotlight.

    That's above my pay grade, Lipstick cliche', I don't know what a VP does, yadyadyada.

    As O would say "Enough!"

    I think we need to turn this election into a beauty contest. Oh, wait, it already is a beauty contest. Except they keep talking when they just need to shut up and look pretty. So, far all I have heard is ridiculous comments, backlashes and whining. When are they going to get to the real issues.
    Wait, I just found that out. The first debate is scheduled for Nov. 11th.

    Just repeat after me all of you politicians, "SHHHHHHHHH."
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    God, I hope it's not in the water. I am on board with you. Problem is, even those who are supposedly educators are lacking common sense.

    This event is in Beaufort County where I live. Locals are all over the teacher, principle, and that idiot Randy Wall. He and I had a little run-in in 1993.

    Yeah, common sense is apparently at a premium right now.
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