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    Should I add a cold air return to my basement?

    When I purchased my home the basement was not finished, which it is now. My question is should I have my contractor cut in a cold air return somewhere in the basement? One of the contractors I had out suggested that it would be a good idea because in the summer it could circulate some of the cool air from downstairs to the rest of the house (I am getting the G61V furnace). I am a bit concerned that it could upset the "balance" of the system, being that the ductwork was not originally designed with a cold air return in the basement. Note that the furnace is located in the basement in a seperate, unfinished utility room. Thanks.

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    When we do a house with a basement the equipment and duct is sized for a future basement finish. It should not be a problem adding a return. We usually cut a few registers in the supply duct also and with adding a return it will help mix the house air and keep the humidity lower in the basement.
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