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    Beckett AFG burner update?

    Beckett has updated the blastube/head for the AFG from an F3 head to an L1 head. The nozzle is now a different spray pattern. Apparently you can still buy both blastubes...anybody have any experience with the new L1 as to whether it is any better? Old b-tube was AF53XN new one is AFG50MB for the 5" and usese a 45deg nozzle instead of a 70.
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    The L head has been around for years. It's not a replacement for the F head. The tube/head that works well in one boiler or furnace may not run for beans in another. Always check the boiler/furnace manufacturers specs for the correct combination and nozzle. Refer to the Beckett book. Manufacturers go to great lengths to be sure that the specified combo is correct for that particular unit.

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    45deg solid being used on high pressure burners: 140PSI or more.
    I personally prefer F heads, they more flexible to chamber size.

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