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Thread: 4TEE vs 4TEH ??

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    4TEE vs 4TEH ??


    In need of a new AC/AH, 4 ton. I was given the option of 4TEE variable speed AH vs 4TEH non variable speed AH, comrpessor is 4TTR4048 in both cases. The 4TEE varible speed is rated at 14.5 SEER while the 4TEH at 15 SEER and also costs less.

    I understand the benefits of a variable speed AH but was wondering if it was worth it in this case. It seems (or at least rated) less efficient, overall costs a few hundred more and I am not completely convinced they are as reliable. Meaning that there seems to be more potential for issues with a variable speed and maybe a higher cost to repair/maintain if ever needed.

    I live in south FL and keep my thermostat at 78 year round.

    Any opinions / thoughts are appreciated.

    thanks in advance.

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    The 4TEH uses the new X-13 motor, which is a modified Variable Speed motor. It is often more efficient than the true Variable Speed motor used in the 4TEE.

    But the 4TEE VS motor will provide better cooling dehumidification in the cooling mode, especially in mild weather when set for "enhanced" operation. It IS worth the money in your climate.

    That is the way I went, although I have Lennox instead of American Standard or Trane.
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    The VS motors have been out for more then 10 years.
    Their reliability is proven.
    If you just don't want to spend the money on a VS blower, don't.

    The VS blower can be set for the CFM your system needs.
    The X13 can only be set close.

    The VS blower will increase speed to move the required air, if your duct system is slightly undersized.
    The X13 can't.

    Installed at the same time as the 14i(4TTX4048B), either blower will have a 10 year limited warranty.
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