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    Honeywell 15B or W7760B problem...

    Alright, I have a problem with a Honewell Excel 15B server that is only about a year old. It's controlling a chiller plant at a school and was working fine until recently. Basically, it stopped being accessible via the web, but the scheduling residing within still operated properly. This told me that for some reason the web side was malfunctioning while the Lon side was ok. Without wanting to pay the outrageous price of another server, I am trying to see if I can get it working. Here is where I'm getting confused...
    Recently, the facilities guy on site reset the server as requested by one of our employees. It did not work. A couple weeks later, he just happened to reset it again, and lo and behold, it began to work. He added some schedules that he needed while it was up and around an hour later, it went down again. Sometimes with the red light flashing on front, sometimes solid green. He was able to reset it the next 3 mornings and it would start working for about an hour, then down again. Today I was finally able to get on-site and verified the same thing. Was unable to connect through internet and could not connect via Hyperterminal. Once I reset, it was functional....for about an hour. I attempted to reset again, but am now getting the flashing red lights "error" again. One thought was that with being in a room with boilers which run just about every day during the summer for the humidity override sequence (we are in Florida!), that it was overheating. This could explain why it will work intermittently. The confusion there is that today, the boilers were off, it was cool(er) out and I verified that the actual device was no warmer "to the touch" than what should be expected.

    Any ideas for anything else I could possible try?

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    Wink Chuck it!

    Chuck that 15b and put in a Jace with NDIO.

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    It's definitely a place for a Jace, but perhaps a LON error could be causing this?

    Bad things happen once CRC'S start flying, maybe a check with a protocol analyzer first would be a good move?

    It would suck to replace with a Jace and still have issues, although through the Jace's utility manager you could see if you had these sort of errors

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    And you should NEVER have the salesman/company that sold you that crap back, ever.

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