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    I know its always easy to pick and judge the bossman and I'm trying not to do this. However, this is been the second consecutive day that I'm pretty much grounded and I'm just wondering rather than criticize my boss is there anything I can do to generate work? I mean I live in a condo complex w/ 249 units that majority of which are around 14 years old and have told my boss about this. Of course it goes without saying my motive are mostly self serving, I want work and if I bring him work or leads that certainly benefits me. Any suggestions, especially from business owners? Thanks!

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    The mods might want to move this post to "job discussion" section.

    If I were a resi/light commercial contractor/owner, I wouldn't depend on service calls, PMA's, and installs to always keep things busy. Plenty of work to be had cleaning up crappy installs out there (system performance enhancement), energy audits, building envelope improvements (insulation & RB, sealing ducts and gaps), etc. in addition to the standard income streams, IMO.
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