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    carrier 30gx high oil diff alarms

    hello all,was going to post this a couple months ago for some input from carrier pros

    , had a crazy high oil diff alarm situation on 30gx which has since gone to quote , odd building/customer , im not that familiar w these chillers , but external and internal oil filters checked out 100% , and oil transducer was changed out new, this is ckt a2 which is common for ckt a1

    1, basically this fault was constant every cycle , but after a few trips and several
    runs i finally found prodialog display going off the roof w diff on a2 reading something like 100psi diff which was 0 or close too , also when this would shoot up all of a sudden would find ckt a1 which ran fine w no oil diff alrams whatsoever shoot up for a few secs to high inaccurate number before a2 running would trip out then a1 would resettle to correct number, hard to catch this especially scrolling thos dialog keypads , i was leaning torwards processor , but didnt know about this calibration aspect , but thing w that is reads accurate at times , any thoughts ? regads stan
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    Replace transducer and cable for whichever reading suddenly jumps , oil pressure or discharge pressure. This usually clears it I have had this problem on a pro dialog aquasnap.

    Good Luck

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