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    fixed metering device on rtu's

    I've read a post about changing the fixed metering device on rtu's with a txv, and I like that option, but someone said that they have used a heat gun on the distruibiting tubes, due to a problem with oil, and that has taken care of the problem.

    1. I've searched and can't find the thread.

    2. I think they said they used the heat gun on the system when it was
    operating? Some of the systems out there, that would be dificult.

    Any responses would be great, thanks

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    That sounds like that would be a thing to try just before pulling the orifice out. The heat and pressure together may clear it.

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    Heat them up to clear clear them out --- then come back to do over again until the customer calls us idiot and runs us off the roof. Where do we think the trash comes from and where will they do after we heat them up.

    Or fix it once and for all - put a TXV

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