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    On the job training????

    I am currently enrolled in the Associate's Program in Arizona for HVAC/R. And i am halfway through and was wondering if anyone out there knows if HVAC companies are willing to hire a currently enrolled student so that i also get on the job training as well as the classroom. I have turned in a few resumes with no call backs. I would like to get out there and soak up as much knowledge as i can on the job so not only will it help me in school it will help me learn different ways of attacking a problem on a unit.

    Surprise, AZ

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    I suppose someone could hire you, how is your back, can you use a shovel, how much abuse can you take?
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!


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    check with your local pipe pipefitter hall and see if they are acepting aplications

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    HVAC-azmi - On the job training???

    Hi HVAC-azmi,

    Keep trying and don't take it personally. Companies will require some level of understanding and skill. At the current time many companies are cutting back and are not hiring until they have to. The weather is probably beautiful which means they can put off hiring people until the last minute. Life in the desert is bad with out A/C so hang in there. Your day is coming. It's all about networking. Who you know as well as what you know.

    Other suggestions include:

    Volunteer a few hours a week at places where other trades go to help. The idea here is to meet the decision makers in a setting where they can observe your work, you get to know them and visa versa. Habitat for Humanity is a good place. It usually attracts people who at one time or another were, or know the decision makers at companies.

    Use your status as a student to your advantage. Ask for an information interview with the most senior person on site. Have your questions ready and stick to the time you are given. Follow up with a thank you card or email. If there are final projects or presentations at school where outsiders can come, invite that person to come. If there is a club that you can start an internship program for other students, grab it and run with it. This will get you in front of all of the hiring people. It will be your name they remember.

    Lastly, there are books in the reference sections of the larger libraries. You may have to go to downtown Phoenix or Glendale's library. Ask for the High Tech Directory or "The Top 100 List" Book published by the Phoenix Business Journal. In that book are the names and titles of the decision makers. A very valuable tool to getting to the right people.

    Get creative on how you can get and keep your name in front of them.
    Good luck. Hope this was somewhat helpful. HVACanadajobs

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    It took me 3 months to get hired on with my current company. You just have to be patient. I must of handed out 25 - 30 resumes and made call backs to the contacts every two weeks or so.

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    I agree w/ Rossco . You should be persistent but not bothersome . Also , never over sell yourself should your opportunity arise to meet w/ a potential employer be honest and express your eagerness to learn....... You'll do just fine. Oh & buy the way , employers love it when new hires request immediate entry to the oncall rotation

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    You can definitely get work while in school, economy permitting. Just be prepared to take a low wage and be doing grunt work. I worked in the field all through school, but I wasn't always working 40 hours. I laughed at the guys who believed the instructors when the suggested we walk into an interview and demand top dollar while still in school. I opted to eat my share of "crow" while in school to maintain an unbroken chain of experience in the field. I feel it's paid off for me.

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