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    Register and get all the manuals you need.

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    Does someone still have this that could email it to me?! Many thanks in advance!

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    What? Who? Where?

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    Dear All,
    if Anyone has the ESS32 Manula, Pls send me the same. I am unable to configure the novar savvy controller

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    Dear All,
    if Anyone has the ESS32 Manual, Pls send me the same. I am unable to configure the novar savvy controller

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    Novar manuals

    Register at and you will be able to download any Novar manuals you need. They won't call you or email you as a result you will just have access to the technical documentation.

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    I have a small grocery chain that has one store with Novar controls. The installation company finally gave the chain's one service tech a password that allows him to make changes. He contacted me to see if I can help him with uploading and downloading the program in case of disaster. I told him I would see what I could do...
    I have installed Novar systems in Wally Worlds, have been Novar certified and have the Wally picture badge, but Wally training doesn't cover upload/download. This has been the 2nd situation in the last year of me thrust into the middleman position between a customer and a Novar installation company, the first being a movie theatre that was part of a huge chain, but was sold to a small independent. I was able to help the theatre people to get them cooling, but wouldn't get involved in the politics. I do lots of control work for this grocery store chain, so..... without stepping on anyones toes by giving my humble opinon of control companies holding owners at gunpoint, I sincerely ask for any help any of you can provide me with.
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    I am also looking for the iscope and ess 32 manual's. Would really appreciate it if you can get them to me. Thanks

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    You have mail.

    Quote Originally Posted by buz2012 View Post
    I am also looking for the iscope and ess 32 manual's. Would really appreciate it if you can get them to me. Thanks

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    Would you have a copy of the ESS32 program?
    The one I have is defective, Thanks

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    Guys, I have a customer that has Novar I Scope and they just called yesterday because when they log on to thr system they get a message that says Unit #1 has lost its download, any ideas? Does anyone have an I Scope manual that they could send me? The only books onsite are for Logic One and Site Pro and they aren't very helpful.


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    "Unit 1" would be the main executive module which has lost it's database. A download of the site database will need to be performed (load change download) using ess.32 software. Iscope cannot download it. I would suspect a battery failure on the executive module. Without the executive online your building controllers are running in a stand alone mode.

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    Send me a IM and I can tell you where to find the documents you are requesting or I can e-mail you them. Do you still work on the NOVAR system.

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