My daughter phoned me this morning to get the name of the HVAC company that had replaced my complete heating and AC system about 5 years ago.

Yesterday, my daugher and son-in-law were outside doing some landscaping work when the outside compressor unit, according to my daughter's description, suddenly started emitting a loud shrill sound similar to a siren for a few minutes and then just gave up the ghost and died. She asked me if I thought the compressor was shot.

Since she will plan to take off work early on Wednesday afternoon this week, my daughter said she was going to schedule for an HVAC contractor to come out that afternoon to give her an estimate on a complete replacement of one of the two heating/air systems for her home - the once with the howling compressor.

Having never heard what a dying compressor sounds like, I'm posting just to get an opinion on whether this sounds like a compressor, or not? Or is the problem likely something else. I'm just wondering until the HVAC people get a chance to look at it

Any thoughts?