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    Trade school begins for me Monday. HVAC/R Program.

    Question I have is what direction do I need to go to move towards the goals of Chillers/Refr. and Controls. What will be my best decisions at this early point in school?

    All guidance is really appreciated as I am not 20 years old and don't want to waste a bunch of time "trying to figure out what I want to do".

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    Well from my experience, or lack of, it'd be to keep an open mind. You may be interested in X now, but your thoughts could change. But what you want to do is very broad and factors in quite a bit.

    I, for example, started doing installs and loved it. They're fun. However, after s few months doing that, I find everything fun other than delivering parts lol.

    However, after working on a few, and learning that my father works on large tonnage chillers, I find them quite interesting. They definitely get you thinking about stuff, that's for sure. But all I can say goes back to keeping an open mind. You never know where you'll end up or what you'll like best. Give it all a chance before knocking it out.

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