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    ...2. CVHB 155 with 6psi hot h2o pressure looking for "big leak" (FOUR STINKING DAYS) Suction ell not showing and leak with H-10, halide or soap. Pulled gas pressurized with nitrogen and found blower at suc ell within seconds. (hot gkt material expaned stopping leak)...
    does your leak detector pick up the refrigerant? some of the newer detectors do not pick up R123. i have not had a problem with a chiller leak rate going up after a leak check done in this manner...but i suppose that it is possible. my guess would be that the leaks were there but you were unable to find them, at the time of the leak check, for whatever reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptJackSparrow View Post
    ...We can run machine to leak check high side...
    exactly!! i like to leak check the high side of some of my machines during the summer running inspection. especially if they have leaks since the pressure will really be up there! but if the condensor water temp is low enough, it may be difficult...although you could close down the condensor water valve (slowly!!!!) to try and increase the pressure if you are running a low head pressure.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptJackSparrow View Post
    ... will the purge not tell the story?
    only if it works well (which you already checked). generally it will tell the whole story...but i still like to leak check the units just to be sure.

    good luck.
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    Thanks for the replies fellows! I learned a few tricks from you guys! This is a cool web site and I have been refreshed on some things reading other posts and have learned some new things. Cant wait to see what else I learn!

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