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    York low motor current trips

    I have a York m/n YCAJ130 s/n RAHM7724AA that is tripping #1 compressor on low motor current. It runs fine for a week or two and then trips. Sometimes it is shortly after startup and at other times it has been running for hours. It is an air cooled 134a recip with the millenium panel. It has part wind start and the motor current at the time of trip appears to be 18%. This leads me to think that one of the contactors is dropping out. I switched them with the other compressor but the fault remained with the #1. Any thoughts?

  2. Check ''Thermistors ohms'' and clean wire thermistors contact with the compressor block''
    juan clavell santiago

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    Thanks, I haven't had time to go digging around in the compressor terminal box but it is about the only thing left to check.

  4. If you has no problems with Voltage'' Then you has some problems with ohms, Check compressor main power' with compressor full load, and see the Amperage. And check all trasformers ohms.
    juan clavell santiago

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    If you mean the current transformers, they seem to be fine because the reading agrees with my meter. I will swap the ct's with the other compressor because it may be an intermittent problem. I had not thought of that.


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