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    Contractor Certification

    Can someone help me with finding the following:

    • A reputable third party HVAC Certification.
    • Is NATE good? (I have concerns when I search NATE and the contractor lists themselves as "Carrier,Trane, etc" as a good contractor would I not choose the product that works best and not lock myself into a particular manufacturer?)

    • A list of HVAC BMP
    • Comparison list of Energy Star ratings

    OK, let me put it this way I am looking for a good HVAC CONSULTANT not a Contractor to review my house and tell me what I need, prepare a design guide/plan and I take that/or with the consultant put out to bid. What I am not expecting or maybe I should is someone to come to my house and go you need a XXX-XXX have a nice day. I want an analysis, leak test, you need to add move vents, redo all duct work, infra-red whatever. But I am back in the same spot as I am not sure what a good consultant certification would be?

    If it matters I have a 50 year old 2000 square foot house that I am for all intensive purposes making as efficient as possible. i.e. rainwater harvesting, solar, Computer controlled HVAC, irrigation, grey water etc. I realize there is a cost to this but in my experience the ROI is worth it.

    Thank you

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    Do a search on this site for member "dan sw fl".

    You want an engineer first, an HVAC company second.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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