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    Honeywell Truesteam Installation

    I am replacing the 2 ton split unit that services the upper level of my home-approximately 1500sqft (the total house is approximately 3000sqft excluding the basement). I want to install a whole house humidifier as part of the installation but I am receiving inconsistent feedback from the contractors bidding on the job. What I mainly want to address is the humidity related problems on the upper level which is were all the bedrooms are at. Both contractors are recommending the Honeywell Truesteam system. One propose the 6 gallon/day unit the other propose the 9 gallon/day unit. My questions are:

    1)Are there drawbacks with only conditioning the upper level of the house?
    2)What size Truesteam unit should be installed?
    3)The contractor proposing the 9 gallon/day unit informed me that the unit must be put on a separate breaker and is charging me a chunk to run the line. The other contractor did not mention having to put the 6 gallon/day unit on a separate breaker. Do the units require separate breakers (6 gallon requires 7 Amps and the 9 gallon requires 10 Amps)?


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    The size humidifier you need, depends on the size of the area you intend to add moisture to, and how tight your house is/isn't.

    Both the 6 and 9 gallon a day should be on their own circuits.

    At 6 gallons a day, your house should be relatively tight. (6gallons aday/24hours in a day)=.25gallons an hour(or 2 pints).
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