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    New system set-up questions

    I recently had two new Lennox systems installed, icluding brand new ductwork. While I don't have any real complaints about either system, I want to make sure that I am getting the maximum efficiency out of each.

    My downstairs system is a G61-MPV-36B-45 furnace, XP13-024-230 heat pump and CX33-36B-2F coil. Upstairs is the CBX32-MV-018/024 air handler, and XP13-024-230 heatpump. Both systems have the ComfortSense 7000 thermostat.

    My contractor is coming today to fix a few things and while he is here I would like to make sure that the dip switches are set for maximum efficiency of the units. One of my main concerns is humidity control. How should the switches that control fan speed be set? CFM's?

    The HP's are single stage, the furnace has two stages of heat and the handler has electric strip many stages of heat does each system have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1894House View Post
    One of my main concerns is humidity control. How should the switches that control fan speed be set? CFM's?
    Your contractor should be able to help you there, I personally would ask him.
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    I will ask him also. I just want to be armed with my own knowledge. The system was set up by the owner's son...I'm not sure he even changed any of the factory settings.

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    Your first floor has 3 stages.
    Your second floor, has atleast 2. But without knowing what strip package, can't tell you how many stages it has.
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