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    Looking for discount HVAC dealers...

    The compressor in my heat pump recently seized and I've been pricing new units. It seems like unit sets on internet sites like ebay are much cheaper than what my local contractors are charging. Are there nationwide HVAC wholesalers who sell equipment to the general public? If so, can anyone provide me with a few to call? Has anyone had any experience with ebay dealers and was there a noticable price drop in comparable units? Thanks in advance.

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    My advice,
    If you buy a unit through ebay or some other auction site you will still have to get a contractor to install it. Most likely it will cost more (labor) and there will be little to no warranty on it. Companies make money on parts too, otherwise labor would be very expensive. I honestly think the best route is to have a couple of HVAC companies come out and bid the job.

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    You will get what you pay for. Find a reputable dealer, pay their price, your buying a system, not an appliance, installation is an important part of the systems performance. In other words part of the purchase price from a dealer is the value of their service.
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    Anything you buy over the internet pretty much has no warranty.

    So if you buy one over the internet, and teh compressor goes out in 3 years, you get to pay for a new ompressor, that would normally be a warranty item.

    The install prices you are getting from local contractors include labor warranties.
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    We make our living selling, installing and maintaining HVAC equipment and you come hear asking how to buy off the internet? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING.

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