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Thread: Define Irony

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    Well spoken Mr B . Especially the last sentence.
    We used to could offer (cheaper)10 seer and the (better)12 seer.
    Now it's expensive and more expensive options.
    Somebody who really could'nt afford the top of line got 10 seer.
    Now what the lowest is 13. And that stuff is'nt cheap at all.

    Consumers used to have more options.

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    The SEER increase was not inceased to help teh average home owner.
    Its to make us all greener.
    And not with money.

    Wait until the new MPG standards for cars comes out.
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    I have been told being Green such as California is creating a much larger underground economy.

    Average; ok some California home owners that need new heat and air get a price of say $5000.00/$10,000.00 but then are told that the state energy code mandates they fix their duct system and that will be an additional $2000.00/$5000.00.

    Your thoughts on this.

    PS: The self serving side of me doesn't want it simple.

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    Well, I grew my business with the everyone's a working man attitude and it's been a great ride am I rich? monetary not really "but define rich" I did not get into this business to get rich, I got into it because I had to put food on the table and I Love the trade and I Love to help folks so I have the best of both worlds. I have made a decent living, but I probably would have made more in the long run and a lot less stress on the old Body if I were to have just went to work for someone in the business, because I can assure the stress of 30 years has taken a lot out of me and no amount of money can buy your health back. Yea it's getting to where the "average" Home Owner can't afford the high dollar stuff these days, so yes it would be better if the Gov. would have left things alone, but that's normal anytime the Gov. gets involved it always cost folks more rather it's justifiable or not. My opinion on rather the Gov. should have a say in what you do to your home as for as duct work and ect., well on the other hand I could not give you my real opinion on that here.
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