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    I also learned alot about ICP and their products here>

    I took the online training courses and learned how these systems operate. the information is basically a place where contractors could send employees or themselves to learn of the new products, and answer questions that may come up in the field. I would suggest to any contractor to put their "tech guy" in front of these training modules and educate them. It is important.

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    I am a homeowner with three Tempstar units that were installed just last year. One 2Ton 14 Seer A/C and One 2.5Ton 14 Seer A/C. (Model T4A4). I also have a 2ton 13seer on a rental property (T4A3) All units are very very quiet. The also don't look too bad. One of the units sits on the patio of the rental property and it's very easy to have a conversation with the unit running.

    I had some warranty questions and contacted ICP directly; I was told to refer any warranty questions to my installing contractor.

    Not sure if it's required...but I am on a monthly PM service plan. I know the contractor is making money off of me every month for the plan fees but I get two yearly checkup and cleanings, discounts on filters and other parts, and I get guaranteed service within 24hours. Plus, I really like the company that did my install. (They have now done a total of 4 installs for me.)

    I would most definately choose Tempstar again, and I would also recommend the Tempstar line. However, I would not choose the builder grade units... my neighbor went that route and was dissapointed.

    During my research of Tempstar I found this website to be more helpful than the regular tempstar site:

    It has more of the specific details on their equipment. It will help you possibly compare brands and features.

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    Well it sure is nice to hear positive feedback about equipment for a change.
    Thanks for sharing

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