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    Advice on need for highest efficiency Carrier system

    I am in process of building a new home in Central Connecticut. I requested a Carrier Infinity air conditioner and furnace. The builder claims that the Infinity 96 air conditioner is far more efficient and too costly to be practical for the Northeast and is supplying a Carrier Furnace, Model Number: 58MVC080 and air conditioner Model Number 21APA530A003. They did not specify the thermostat.

    I liked the idea of a two-stage furnace and two-stage air conditioner. Are those models more practical for the Northeast or should I insist on the Carrier Infinity 96? Also, is the Infinity Control thermostat the best option for those units, or only for the Infinity 96?

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    The Infinity System,with staging and Infinity Control is tops,but the cost is up there.You need to decide if it's what you want ,not your builder.

    The models you listed will work well,as many others would,just not The Best.

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    Don't look for energy savings to pay you back for the $$$ A/C unit. If you just want the ultimate, go for it. Personally I wouldn't, I'd put that money elsewhere like more insulation, where it would actually be a good investment. Or possibly investigating dual fuel and put a good basic heat pump outside. The MVC with Infinity control would be great in a colder climate.

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    Did your installer or GC tell you about the Infinity controller if he didn't shame on him. My installer as well as many others that sell/install Carrier Infinity systems will not install them unless you buy the Infinity controller, period. If I were you I would go the duel fuel with a HP I have talked to a few people in my area (WI) and they asbolutely love the Duel Fuel Infinity and they tell me it has saved them a small fortune on there fuel bills compared to what they used to hav running. Since your going the Infinity router already why not bump it up a notch and do the duel fuel. And yes definately get the Infinty controller, no if and's or butt's about it when it's up and running all you need to do is basically set it and forget the controller will pretty much do the rest. Run your fan 24/7 except during the cooling season will keep the air moving and filter and your home will be very comfortable year round. Good choice in equipment, but do get the controller.

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