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    GE WeatherTron ?

    I currently have an original GE weathertron heatpump system in my home,built in 1981. It finally gave out after 27 faithful years...compressor locked up, looks like it's time for a replacement.

    Question is...Before I get quotes for a new system, I want to determine what I have in here right now... Model# is BWB718A100B0 ... I can find zero info on the web about these units... but i did find info somewhere that said there is a number in the model# that will be divsable by 12 that determines tonnage. This seems to hold true on all the different brands that I was able to find info on... so that being the case,it looks like this would be a 1.5ton unit? Also the heat strip is a 10.5KW... does this seem a little large for a 1.5ton unit, or does this help make up for the lower btu output of the compressor? ...I live in central OHIO


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    Its a 1.5 ton. 10 kw heater pretty standard. A complete heat loss study would tell you exactly how much strip heat you need. Those old GE Weathertrons were the best, most reliable heat pumps ever made!
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    10KW is normal for a 1.5 ton here in PA.
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    Thanks... Yeah, I wish Ge still made these... the last date that was on the service sticker was in 1983.... don't know if it actually went that long,but who knows?

    There's a few neighbors(similar homes) that have had replacements, different companies, and they all seem to have installed 2.5 to 3ton units, I know I don't want to oversize & that little 1.5 ton never struggled. Come to think of it... my friends house seems a little "sticky" in there now with his new 2.5ton Carrier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krammer View Post
    A manual J is probably out of the question... none of the others got one & this is gonna be kinda low-budget... Might be living here another 2years ...tops
    You can do a load calc yourself. Look at the top of the page. The cost of the program might save you money down the road.

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    Im willing to bet the compressor is just fine, I have never seen a failed GE Climatuff compressor!!

    Seen a lot condemned due to failed capacitors though, they have a strange wiring configuration and it can fool a technician not familiar with it into thinking the compressor is bad.

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