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    Carrier TSTATCCPRH01-B Thermidistat

    I have a Carrier Thermidistat Control model TSTATCCPRH01-B. Looking at the data from the carrier site shows this thermostat that is 7 day programmable with humidity.
    This one is not programmable as set up. The model should have a program button where the set humidly button is and a program end button where the dehumid button is. A different label has been glued over the one described in the manual. I can find no documents that show the buttons on this one. When the LCD lights up it shows that the program function is on the LCD. Inside there are set switches but none for the thermostat function. There are 3 sets of holes on the right side that could have contained a jumper.
    Does anyone hear know how to reprogram this for programmable instead of humidify dehumidify? or can supply more detailed information on this thermostat.

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    Hi larrylwill! I have this Carrier Thermidistat, also. Mine is fully programmable with humidity control. To accomplish this you must enter the "Set Thermidistat Control Configuration section." This should have been selected by the installer on original set-up. This is not normally modified by the homeowner. Nevertheless, it's relatively easy to do. To enter the configuration mode>press and hold the Fan button for approximately 10 seconds until COOL set point display indicates a flashing 1. The Thermidistat Control is now in configuration mode. It will automatically exit this mode if no button is pressed for 3 minutes. Pressing END button will exit configuration mode immediately. While in Configuration Mode, the upper small (COOL set point) display indicates selected option number and large display indicates selection made within that option. One of these will be flashing. The up and down buttons are used both to move between available options and to make selection for each option When option number (small display) is flashing, up and down buttons adjust it, moving between available option numbers. After desired option number has been selected, press SET TIME/TEMP button once. The large display will now flash, indicating that up and down button control available choices within that option. Each press of TIME/TEMP button switches between available option (small display) and available selections within each option (large display.)

    What you are looking for is option # 17. This enables Thermidistat TSTATCCPRHO1-B to be either a programmable or non-programmable. Yours must be set to non-programmable, obviously. Configuration option # 17 must be set to OFF to make it fully programmable.

    I would suggest that once you press and hold the the FAN button for 10 seconds and COOL set point display indicates a flashing 1 to enter configuration mode, you should take a few minutes and get straight what buttons do what, before you change any of the options.

    I hope this helps some. If you could print these instructions and have them with you when you enter the configuration mode it would help you.

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    check to see if the alternate key pad label is under the one you presently see.

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    That is what I hoped. I tried all combination's of key's with no luck.

    Does there exist a paper on what all the options are I could d/l?
    Found it.

    The previousley owners were in their 70's so I can understand why it was set to non-programmable mode.
    This all started because the temp reading of this T-stat is reading about 3-4 degrees high and I wanted program ability to program it. I was going to move the temp diode outside the t-stat but got looking for alternative t-stats that had calibration modes. I found the Ritetemp 6025 programmable but it has no humidity mode.
    I found the temp. offset at position 13, I set it to -3 that did the trick.
    I have installed several Air conditions ( Goodmans ) but this one I inherited. I never fooled with a ( Carrier) before.

    adrianf: Yes I found the other labels under the top ones which got me going on this post.

    I thank you very much for the information.

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