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    Last year.
    The one supply house stiil had some split system 10 SEERs in stock.
    But every time I called, they were the wrong tonnage.

    Congrats on being able to find the tonnage you needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffstar View Post
    It just seems strange to me that a new home would be built, and the builder be so cheap, that they will install an obsolete SEER 12 unit.
    You obviously haven't had much experience with builders... It doesn't matter if it's a $100,000 house or a $1,000,000 house, their goal, understandibly is to make as much profit as possible, which goes along with as little expense as possible. Which is where the term "builders grade" came from, especially when talking about HVAC equipment.... I wouldn't call a 12 SEER obsolete, when the new standard is 13 SEER, which is not that much of a difference. It wasn't that many years ago that 12 and 13 SEER systems were the best stuff you could get. 13 SEER is good, but now you can get wayyyyyy better, but it doesn't mean it's obsolete.

    The vast majority of builders install the minimum 13 SEER, why would they pay thousands extra for a higher SEER rated system when the average homeowner doesn't care or even know what SEER means...

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    I'd question the sizing. 2200 sq ft twin home needing 4 ton? He must not build his homes very well or have lots of glass! Seems high even for a very hot climate!

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    Twilli was appalled too, Twilli has never known a builder to be that cheap.
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    I agree the word obsolete is a little harsh. Still SEER 12 units have not been manufactured since late 2005. Sounds like the builder is pushing the limit since SEER 13 is now really the low end of the industry standard. After labor day I will call the supplier of the unit and get the make, model, capacity, and efficiency information. I wonder what an upgrade to a SEER 14 would cost? I will find out soon. Again, I appreciate all of your comments.

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    If it were my house id tell the bulder to pound salt.

    Id have a one of these 21 SEER units put in.[/QUOTE]

    21 SEER in PA????? LOL Waste of money. Not enough cooling degree days to warrant that. Georga, Louisani, Florida, fine Not PA, or NJ, or NY.
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