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    Where can i buy a 10 seer heat pump ?

    The ducts and air handler in my 1950 1700 sq ft house where replaced 5 years ago (Trane 10 Seer twe 036 3 ton piston ) but the previous owner opted to not replace the 20 year old Synder General 3 ton heat pump.

    The condenser would not kick on so i had a service call from one of the most reputable in my home town, the same people who installed the air handler, come out and clean the contactor and it working fine but i know i need to replace contactor real soon or risk another night i swealtering heat.

    My question is should i just replace contactor and milk whats left in the life of the compressor, replace the whole sytem with a 13 seer or try to finda 10 seer heat pump unit out there somewhere and hire an installer just for that.

    The only 10 seer 3 ton my installer could find anywhere so far is a Drayton 3600 btu 36400 heat btu from Grainger with a one year warranty at a very low price

    Even if this thing only last 5 years i would be happy since i plan on moving i a couple of years and the cost benefit compared to Pricing Removed on a complete new 13 seer seems sensible. My air handler is installed in attic so this adds to the cost of complete system replacement.

    Please review rules re" pricing in posts.
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