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    concentric diffusers

    Is one concentric diffusers better then another one. There are so many and each one bashes on the other about consistant pressure. So i wanted to know everyones thoughts. I need 2 for 2, 5ton package units.

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    Ask the unit Manufacturer who he recommends. He may have good/bad experiences with previous jobs. It would be in his best interest to make sure you know. If he has no direct experience, he should check with the factory.

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    Average pressure loss through a diffuser depends on the air velocity.

    A 5ton with only two diffusers means approx 1000cfm each. You'll have to go with (minimum) 16" ducts to keep velocity and noise down.
    Average pressure drop will be about .075" or more depending on the louver angle (deflection).

    Will these registers be less than 10' from the floor?

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