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    Desuperheater - Air to Air

    Has anyone ever installed a desuperheater on an air-to-air heatpump system?

    Any thoughts/ recommendations/ feedback?

    These are obviously prevalent on geothermal but I can't seem to find a lot on air systems.


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    They used to be more common.

    Modern heat pumps run at a lower temperature that allows preheating of water, but will require supplemental heat.

    In an air-to-air system, you also run into issues with freeze protection that are not a problem with geothermal.

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    I saw a desuperheater on an air to air HP once. The desuprheater was mounted next to the outdoor unit, it was well below freezing that day, the desuperheater made a very big ice cube because it had froze and busted due to the outdoor temp.

    Thats where the problem is, the design of a desuperheater requires being connected to the discharge pipe coming off of the compressor , thru the desuperheater, out of the desuperheater and into the reversing valve. Unless you have a geo or a triple split unit these connections will be outside. Most areas its not a good idea to have water lines outside and exposed.
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