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    Removal of a McQuay Ait Conditioner

    Hello, I have a question regarding the removal of a McQuay Air Conditioning unit. We have one located in the living room/dinning/kitchen and the other in the master bedroom. We would like to remove the one located in the bedroom (we need the space as well as it gets to cool).

    1) Any sugestions on a NYC licensed professional w/references and insurance that could remove the unit?
    2) Aproximate cost
    3) What is the smallest PTAC (any brand bothCool/Heat) available on the market. the bedroom is 10x8. Cost?
    4) Would there be a way to trade for our current unit for parts and the service involved with removing the current unit?

    Thank you


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    Pricing isn't allowed on this site.

    Used parts aren't worth anything. Since we give warranties on our repairs. We need the supply houose/distributor to give us a warranty on the part.

    They're are several members from NY on the site, one of them may see this thread.
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    Removing the unit is not a big deal and while the unit may not be worth much, there are certainly scroungers out there who might be interested in coming to pick it up. In fact, if you were to place an ad on offering a free PTAC if the recipient picks it up, you would probably be deluged with emails (many of them from folks unqualified to unscrew a lightbulb - not to mention remove a PTAC) from people wanting to come pick it up.
    There are also several companies on the web that advertise that they collect used PTACs. Of course, they may not want to come to you unless they are nearby, so your best bet is probably going to be Craigslist.

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