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    I tried one back in the 80's and I felt it was worthless, even with a 6" piece of conduit in the end to focus it better. But it sounds like they made great headway, I may try one again.

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    Any Leak.... not just Refrigerant

    Don't limit your ultra-sonic to just refrigerant. I have used one for many years, (along with soap bubbles, electronic, and halide) on all types of HVAC systems, pneumatic systems (works great walking at floor level aimed at lines on rafters and finding the leak!) and for backing up your infrared Temp gun on electrical devices that have a poor electrical connection. The poor connection emits a high frequency detected by the meter.
    The Amp Probe Ultra Sonic Detector is a good meter for the money.

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    You guys that are using the Amprobe units, are these the new ones or the ones that say Pasar/Amprobe? Anyone else having success with a different brand that they would recommend is also appreciated.Thanks

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