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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    Nordyne includes a labor allowance of $250. Lifetime HX warranty to original owner if registered, 10 year furnace replacement pledge with the allowance.

    As for Rheem's Mod:

    Rheem will provide a replacement RGFD Gas Furnace to the
    original purchaser if the Heat Exchanger fails AND if the following
    additional conditions are satisfied:
    a) Unit is still owned by the original purchaser; in the
    original installation location; AND
    b) Warranty is registered with Rheem Manufacturing
    Company, Air Conditioning Division within 60 Days of
    original installation or closing of your home. Product
    registration is available online at
    register or by filling out the Warranty Registration card
    and returning it to the address listed on the reverse side
    of the card.
    Thanks! Maybe I should be looking at the Rheem unit(s)! Are they the only ones that carry the furnace replacement if the heat exchanger fails and why don't others(all) give this kind of warranty on their Xchangers, as it would be a definite deal breaker!( Wondering if this is just for the primary heatxchanger, what about the secondary Xchanger warranty?! It seems that all companies assume that the heat exchanger WILL fail at some point, so with all the technology available today, why can't someone(company) develop a kind of metal for the Xchanger that will be able to take the constant expanding and contracting of the metal, which from what I get, causes these units to fail(cracks) and why so much labour to change out?! Also wondering who make the heat exchangers for who?! Thanks, Huck

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    Why don't all car manufacturers give 100,000 mile 10 year warranties.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I live in Edmonton, just installed Lennox furnace G71P and XC14 weeks ago, the A/C is only for up stair only, don't get a chance to use it this year, the weather is already getting cold, the furnace is so nice and quite, I have the fan in CIRC mode on 7/24, when the blower is in full power it is way more powerful than my old furnace.
    I have my purchased from Direct energy, it offer 10 years Labor and Parts on furnace life on exchange, 5 P/L on A/C. also FREE 3 years maintenance for all units, and also the lowers price within 6 quotes.
    But why are you getting G61 which is an older model, and I believe the government rebate is only for the HE furnace: rolleyes:

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