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Thread: cable question

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    cable question

    i am having trouble communicating with an old varitrac ccp2 system. the cable i use works with old stat systems and comfortrac systems in hyperterminal and also with the tracker software for newer tracker and varitrac. is there a special cable for this one only? It has been a long time and I had a trane cable before . i made the one i use now. if so what is the pinout for it? I thought it was a standard rj-12 with a generic serial adapter.

    thanks for any input.

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    Attached is a snapshot of the CCP2 IOM that shows the connection options and part numbers for the cable and adapters. Hopefully this will refresh your memory. If you really need the pinouts, I can dig deeper and should be able to find that as well. I just use the same cabling that I use to connect to a UPCM.

    I assume you have the Baud Rate, Parity, Data/Stop bits set correctly as well?

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