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    Johnson Controls Facility Explorer Controllers

    I have 3, Johnson Controls Facility Explorer Controllers with 3 wall sensors for sale. The controller model number is LP-FX14D12-000C. Stat # is HE-67N3-1B00W. Let me know if you have any questions. They were all about the same age, 1 year old. Taken out of service and replaced with another control system to match customers other buildings.

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    If you have trouble selling them please contact me. I may be able to use them in our test lab. Contact info is in by profile.
    Steve Jones
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    The S4 Group, Inc.

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    bldg tech

    I have a johnson controler n-30. there was a outdoor temperture sensor ran to the # 1 unit unt board for reading outdoor temp.I disconected this unit from the loop.It is no longer tied too the johnson. I had to run the outdoor temp sensor wires to another unit .and now the only unit that reads an outdoor temp is that ? is how is the normal way they go about setting up the sensor into the controler do you have to reprogram the the system to read the temp from the unit i ran the wires to and then it will relay the temp to all the other units im just not sure how you go about getting the other units to show a reading of the outdoor temp.

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