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Thread: Blowing fuses

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    Quote Originally Posted by airman112 View Post
    before changing disconnect look at compressor #2 running over rated amps. dirty condenser might not be the problem with compressor #1 running good head pressure. i would look for an overcharged circuit with compressor #2 because higher pressures equals higher amps. also low superheat on circuit #2 which means you are close to flooding back, another sign of an overcharge.
    I would bet on this. And I'm not even a betting guy. The disconnect may be worn out now since the fuses have been replaced so many times. You will probably have to tighten the fuse holders now if that's even possible.

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    If the fuse is hot and its always the same one replace the disconnect.

    I had one where the problem was the knife contact on one leg was loose causing extra heat which would blow the fuse.

    If the unit has a breaker downstairs change it for a non fused disconnect.

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