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    Trane XR80 Blower will not run...

    Hi guys... I've got a Trane XR80 here, where the blower will not run. It won't run on "fan only" or on the regular ac setting. I've fooled around with it a bit, and toggling the power *generally* gives a constant LED. Looking on the back of the panel at the trouble codes says that a constant LED means replace the IFC. However, sometimes when you toggle the power, the relays will attempt to fire several times, the LED dims as if something is drawing a lot of juice off the board, and then the LED just shuts off.

    I wanted to run this past you guys and make sure it does in fact sound like a dead IFC before I order the part.

    BTW, the blower will not start if you try to spin it by hand. This unit is just a baby, only a year and 2 months old- so I doubt its anything mechanical.


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    Yes, it's probably under warranty, that is until you try to diy.
    You need to call a pro, diy is not allowed on this site.

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