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    Quote Originally Posted by cklee View Post
    Hi all, my name is CK from Singapore. I was wondering does anyone here interested to know more about MHI chiller from Japan.

    I would say at this moment MHI chiller is currently the highest efficiency chiller in the market using R134a gas.

    Do drop me any message and i'm happy to share more with you guys.
    How about putting an e-mail address where you can be contacted in your profile? Thanks...

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    Looks like at this time about all you can get off the web site is some performance data no real IOM's about there product at this time or at least that there willing to give to the technicians at this time

    Coming to a Chiller plant near you !
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    I just check my profile, the mail adress's been listed there.

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    Sorry, some mistakes!

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    MHI Centrifugal Heat Pump

    Quote Originally Posted by Taicool View Post
    Hi CK Lee:
    I know who the dealer of MHI chiller is in Taiwan,
    unfortunately, there is no way to get anything from them,
    they even don't sell any parts to other company,
    and that is why I am looking for another suppliers outside Taiwan,
    anyway, still thanks for your concern.

    Good luck!
    Hi Taicool, how have you been?
    Have you had any luck on the Mhi chiller parts which you are looking for last year?

    Last week i just dropped by Taiwan to promote the sale for Mhi cnetrifugal heat pump. Do you know any company who can do maintenance and service for this type of heat pump?

    I will attached the brochure herein for your reference.

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