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    SMWIA or Plumbers/Pipefitters Union

    Next May I'll be finishing up my associates degree in HVAC and am looking into moving to Kansas where I'll get a business management or construction management degree. Depending on where I move I'm looking into either joining the sheet metal union or the plumbers and pipefitters union. I'd prefer to get into an HVAC apprenticeship, but I'll take what I can get. Which union is the best to join, and any apprenticeship pay info would be welcome as well. Thanks

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    I don't think either union is "better" than the other. We're all tradesmen who happen to do similiar work.

    You actually should be trying both, because it's not easy to just "join up"

    You should be trying now... and if you get in, you can transfer your card to Kansas.

    I can only speak on my sheet metal local. There are companies who do heating and cooling and others that do roofs, siding, etc... If you want in i suggest telling the hall that you'd prefer to do HVAC service but are willing to do anything.

    good luck.

    As far as pay... I'm a building trades sheetmetal apprentice. Our jmen make $30.35/hr. I think you can call the hall and ask how much the wage is. Sometimes they have that info on whatever locals websites.

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    You should talk to Supertek65, he's in that neck of the woods, and seems to enjoy his union job

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