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Thread: WTF?

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    This guy should be shot. How many laws can you break in one day. Someone is gonna try this and mess themself up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moose3702 View Post
    This guy should be shot. How many laws can you break in one day. Someone is gonna try this and mess themself up.
    I get first dibbs on the fine...

    Seriously, that dude will blow himself up sooner or later. I just hope he does not take any innocent folks with him.

    Quality work at a fair price with excellent customer service!

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    I was digging that pimp'n flame job on his hoopdy.

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    What is he ever going to do with it all?
    Another video from him:
    Sad in many ways!

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    What a fracking moron. He is definitely going somewhere on the Darwin's Award list, simply because as he says, he's a cheap bastard. And not safe.
    Not as lean, not as mean, but I'm still a hardcore, ass-kicking, hard charging Marine! Oohrah!

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    That is a awsome idea


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    I am not for the idea of turning someone over. BWTFGD is this guys malfunction. I can't list the infractions he has just done.

    This guy just sold himself out to the world as a idiot Gaborone. I bet he broke at least twenty different laws pertaining to refer. and DOT. Hell, he taped it and submitted it to the Internet. What an A$$HOLE.

    This guy should be turned in due to a BS factor. If it would not effect my career I would do it, but I think it would.

    If he don't get hurt he is going to hurt someone else with this info. Either physical of financially do to ignorance. The guy has mechanical experience, but is aughnry as hell.

    I am shocked at what I am seeing here.

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    What a douche Next thing you know he will be doing residential installs

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    Came across alot of doushe bags in my time.
    That boy there is right on top of the list.
    The voice i know i have heard on other hvac vids at one time or another.

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    Well I have seen my share but this has to be the dumbest and most dangerous MO FO ever.

    Wonder if in the States theres such a thing as a licenced salvage yard to have that much stuff. Look at all that scrap in the "shop" sitting around contaminating everything.

    All those oils and who knows what elese leaking into the water table.

    "Always shake it and feel it and see how much gas is in there".

    Hmnn whats W.C. mean that stamped on that tank?

    Here's your facking sign you retard.

    This idiot is in Ontario.

    Hmnn got a contact at the Ministry of Enviornment...time to make a phone call.
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    Here's your sign...

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    I wonder if he thinks all refrigerant is the same. I bet he has more than one type in that "recovery cylinder"!! WHAT A MORON!! HE IS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE OR HIMSELF!!
    Psalm 51:10, 12

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    To think I was going to go out and buy a recovery unit. Thank god I got to see this video, as I will now make my own. I think I'll even pickup a side income and sell some to my neighbors and stuff as well.

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    No worries, folks...that compressor will likely crap out after the first window shaker or two.

    But...knowing guys like that, he'd just go find another one, sweat it up, and keep going until that propane tank talks to him.

    Way back in the day I used an old refrigerator compressor to vac down my car a/c. Worked OK. Then I stuck it on a split system and left it running overnight. Locked up solid and lost the vacuum. Lesson learned...those comps need refrigerant cooling of the compressor windings to stay alive. That, and oil in the cylinder!

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