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Thread: Pan Won't Drain

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    Just to be sure this is clear, it's the outlet of the trap that needs to be measured. If you look at the trap as a utube manometer, you want the u to be deeper in inches than your negative. You need a 6" u of water, I say 6 because you want to allow for the filter getting dirty, you could even go 7 or more.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by big johnson View Post
    I have to pull the trap off (no top tee) to fill it. I also shut down the unit and filled it from the inside connection. The measurement I made (5") was the pan area vs atmospheric.
    I know it's been said that size doesn't matter, it's the depth, but I have solved similar problems in the past by over-sizing the pipe diameter simply because I had no more room to increase depth.
    Pneuma is right about the depth of the trap. If you increase the diameter and the problem gets better, the trap isn't working right anyway. Only depth will make the trap work right with water. Increasing the diameter just allowed air to be pulled past the water without spraying that water into the unit.
    If "I have always done it this way" is a good reason to do it again, how many times do I have to do something wrong - before it becomes right?

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