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    Free Cooling

    When designing a building with free cooling features using air-side economizer, what range of the RH and temperature sensors should be set to avoid excessive turning on/off of the compressor?

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    Base it on OA wet bulb. Mine is set to run free cooling if the WB is below 41* with process. 48* without process. This is a plate and frame HX around 950 tons.

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    This is fairly simple if the equipment is designed correctly. First of all comparative enthalpy is the best method of economizer control. If the return enthalpy is lower than the outdoor enthalpy, then the outdoor damper goes to minimum position. If the outdoor enthalpy is lower than the return enthalpy, the outdoor damper is opened. If the RTU must stage mechanical cooling along with the outside air then short cycling can be an issue. I would set the enthalpy control to the lowest setting if you live in a high humidity area and make sure you have a low ambient kit to maintain a stable head pressure during cooler weather. What model equipment are you talking about?
    It might get loud!

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