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    and if you have any questions call wade pascoe-his number is in the manual-he is also on this site-he is THE man to help you

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    Thats the one, Thanks everyone.

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    The setting of the knob is the low end set point so,

    If the knob is set to highest setting in this case 35c

    then at 0vdc the setpoint would be 35c and at 10vdc the setpoint would be the high end or max setpoint. If your BAS fails turn off dipswicth 1 and set knob to 23c(73F)

    Or just set the knob to 23C(73F) so 0vdc is 23c(73F).

    There no way to have the board change automatically from 35c to 23c when the BAS system fails without turning the knob.

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