The installer of this stove in the new constuction of my house has not been trained in this particular unit and this is there first install of this fireplace. I have a few questions because Quadrafire costomer service email has assured me the installer should simply read the manual and that not passing inspection should motivate them to do it correctly (I live way out in the sticks and there are no inspectors or code, our builder has agreed to bulid the house to the code of his town 30 miles away, the stove installer is not a sub of the bulider because builder does not install EPA fireplaces, only gas).

Where the outside air pipe for combustion connects to the fireplace, they used a flex/foil type of pipe used for clothes dryers and sealed it to the stove with ordinary duct tape. Is this correct? They haven't connected to air intake for the SL pipe yet but I assume they will do the same, is this correct?

Also the flue pipe does not pass through the center of the fire stop in the ceiling, is this OK?

Thanks for your reply!