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    Hmm What seems to be lower air pressure with new AC/Furn


    We just had a 3 ton AC/Furnace replaced.

    After the install the air flow out of the vents "seems" lower than before and I do not get the "cool air" feeling as i walk around the house. However it seems to be lowering the air temperature.

    We ordered a 3.5 (3 1/2) ton system since I wanted to get a stronger system to reach some of the further parts of the house. However "seems" the opposite occurred.

    I had installer come out and check things out. The blower speed is set to high and the temperature drop is 22 degrees. The manufacturer is Carrier. Air flow at all vents is between 300 and 500 CFM.

    (1) Can one determine if this is a 3 1/2 ton system from the model #s.
    (2) Would mixing Performance with Comfort be an issue.

    Furnace: 58CTA090-14 (Performance)
    Coil: CNPVP3617ACAABAA (Performance)
    Compressor:24ACB336A300 (Comfort)


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    Yes,3.5 ton furnace,mixing comfort and performance is not an issue.

    Your existing duct system is likly the problem,or part of it.

    They need to test the static pressure of th coil and duct system.

    Your old furnace could have had more ability to move air then the new one.

    What type and size filter?

    Where are you located?

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    Not sure of filter size, but it is rectangle if that helps (at work now).
    Live in Fairfax, VA. The new filter is a purolator and in my old system i always used the 30 day blue filters.

    What would testing the pressure provide? What would that mean?


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    Every furnace has "X" amount of ability to move air againest the static(think resistance) of the ciol,filter ,ducts,griles,etc..

    A more restrictive filter ,is part of the resistance,also newer coils are more restrictive then older ones ,in general,due to the fins being spaced closer together for effeciency.

    Testing the static and checking the fan data chart for the furnace,will let them know how much air is being moved and if it meets the minimum required.

    Issues with the rooms farthest from the furnace,indicate undersized ducts.

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