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Thread: 10 Ton Goodman

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    Confused 10 Ton Goodman

    I am one of the new kids on the block. I have a 10 ton Goodman with R22 to install and the manual that came with it says that while reaching a subcooling of 9 to 13 the discharge needs to be 80 deg. above ambient.
    What I am missing isn't this a little high? At 74 deg. this would put R22 at over 381 psi. to set subcooling.

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    You're thinking the saturated temperature needs to be plus 80, but it's just the sensible line tempertaure that needs to be plus 80. The concept your missing is "discharge" superheat. Same principle as what you have leaving the evaporator but its caused by mostly heat of compression. This is also what makes a heat pump a heat pump.

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    Thumbs up 10 Ton Goodman

    Thank you very much, Pneuma
    1 unit in and working fine.

    Thanks again

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    now thats a big junker

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