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    Need help diagnosing problem on heat pump

    About a month ago we had an Amana ASH13 Heat Pump installed.

    It worked flawlessly for about 2 weeks and then suddenly we had this issue:

    When we set the thermostat to cool, we hear a "relay" on the condensor unit but nothing happens. It was doing this for about 10 minutes of us cycling off the thermostat and back on. I reset the breakers on the main panel still nothing. Then about 30 minutes later we tried again and it started and worked properly for the rest of the night.

    We called the installer and he came by but the machine was working normally so he didn't do anything and asked us to call if it happens again.

    Well about 3 weeks after that it happened again, this time hours after it had been cooling it had the same issue, "relay" click on the condensor but nada after that.

    Later that day it started once again working properly. And this has happened twice since then.

    Basically the thermostat gets set to cool, it shows that is cooling and the fan is blowing, but the condensor unit only clicks to start up but doesn't and the inside furnace fan doesn't blow either.

    If we cycle on/off the cooling all that happens is the condensor clicks on/off.

    The technician does not want to come out until this happens when he's on site, but I can't predict that since it's only happened 3 or 4 times so far and seems to be ok a little while later.

    If the relay is clicking, that should eliminate the thermostat right?

    What's next in the chain of events, or is there anything I can do to test?



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    Not much more you can do other than making sure the breaker is OK which it sounds like you did. The click should rule out low voltage. About the only thing you can do is wait til it happens again and hope the company ha a tech that can get there quickly.

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    I realised something yesterday. When the cooling is operating normally on the Thermostat there is an indicator *(snowflake) and a fan spinning, things are normal. What I noticed was that when the heat pump won't start next to the cooling indicator (snowflake) there is a 2 showing as well, as if there is 2 stages to cooling.

    As far as I know this is a simple system and only has 1 stage of cooling, so why the number 2?

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    Sounds like you might be on to something. Can you ask your tech to double check the thermostat wiring and settings? Maybe it is under the impression you are using a 2-stage system and it is a simple setting change that will take 30sec. Have you read your thermostat user's manual?

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