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    NU22? EnviroSafe? HC22A?

    Looking to convert Carrier 30t RTU's. Problems w/ hi head pressure due to a
    cement plant next door .. condenser coils are bad, and replacements will have to wait. Anyone have any exp. w/ HC refrigerants. I am hoping to reduce
    head pressure as a band aid to 'limp thru' this season.

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    If you have high head pressure due to contamination, and as you say "condenser coils are bad", this stuff won't fix it.


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    Your PSIG head pressure may be lower with NU22. But it will be too high for NU22, to condense properly.
    Also, your 30 ton, will no longer be 30 ton.
    Closer to 25 ton. NU22 loses 5 to 15% capacity.
    NU22B loses less. But you still need a good condenser. Or it won't condense, and you'll have high head pressure with it also.
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